Cosmic Story - Golden Unity

Cosmic Story - Golden Unity - Lightworkers and Starseed Empaths

After 2 hours of meditation or so, my consciousness was suddenly on a different planet. The sky wasn't quite blue like ours and it had a violet hue to it as well. There were also two suns in the sky, one greater than another. At first glance, it could almost have been Earth as it was very similar.

Forerunner Blue Ray Activation ~ A Cosmic Journey

Lightworker Blue Ray activation - Sensitive Empaths and Starseeds

💎 The return of our forgotten parts

On the life-changing, reality and Self-shifting 11/11, my Heart suddenly expanded and I was being called to 'see' something in a multidimensional journey, and then bring it back to others.

Vegan Spirituality II - Light Beings In Higher Dimensions

In this second part of two, I share some unforgettable meetings I had with Light Beings and how true 5D Beings Love All with no barriers (HUmans, Animals, seen and unseen Beings, Mother Gaia and All That Is).

Emotional clearing, purging and balance

On this blog, when I talk about 'purging' I mean the lower energies that get stuck in our fields, cells, core, DNA, subconscious, emotional, mental and physical bodies that prevent energy flow.
Slowly, over the years, I tracked all the root causes of my now healed depression, anxiety, panic, terror, 'The Void' (my greatest pain), toxic shame and where I was vulnerable to control or to interdimensional entity influences.

Mercury retrograde - Purging and review

Reality bending, confusing and sometimes painful, we can take this Cosmic Support (yes, it is not a curse or something to be avoided) to look into the last layers of any patterns, wounds, harmful thought forms and stale energies.

Energy Update: Hyper

Today's energy can fill us with hope, bliss and support to the next phase of embodiment and we may feel hyper.